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Tips to lose weight without exercise

Going on a diet to lose weight is not an easy thing to do, it takes a strong will and determination. The good news is that you can follow these easy tips to lose weight without exercise:
1. Don't skip meals Maybe you've heard how bad the impact would occur if you skip a meal such as breakfast. However, a recent study conducted by Cornell University showed that if you skip a meal time then you'll eat 20 percent more. Unfortunately when you eat, you won't be interested in picking vegetables and healthy protein but you'll prefer to eat carbohydrates and fats.
2. Read the food labels A survey from the Centers for Disease Control revealed the fact that people who read labels on packaged foods have a lower BMI (body mass index). Because it will make you compare the content of fat, sugar, and others ingredients to search food with better option.
3. Cut the food into smaller piece People who cut the food turned out to eat less than who do not. So, cut into quarters or two…

How to deal with business competitors

One of the major challenges when running a business is the emergence of competitors in the same business that can not be avoided. Therefore, we must know how to deal with business competitors in order not to lose competitiveness.
Here are some tips and tricks to overcome business competition
1. Businesses should have a mature concept Running a business not only requires ideas and passion alone, but also requires a mature business concept. It will help you to recognize various potential opportunities, target market share, make your business run optimally, and lead ahead from business competitors.
2. Good planning When running a business we shouldn't be careless because we risked a lot investment, and If you don't have solid planning all your efforts will be in vain and suffered heavy losses.
Therefore you should create a business plan that consist of: describing business concepts, vision & mission, promotional plans, marketing plans, employee management, financial regulati…

Tips to make your face look fresh

You don't have to spend lots of money for beauty products or undergo expensive treatments to have a fresh face and having natural beauty. You could make your face look fresh and natural with a few tips below.
Use a moisturizer according to skin type Moisturizers that contain water (water based) is best used in a tropical climate. Also check other supporting substances that can increase the moisture content in the skin cells (humenctant) like glycerin, amino acids, glucose and glycogen, ceramide, urea, hyaluronic acid, collagen, protein.
For people that have oily skin, choose a moisturizer that oil free, because excess of oil can clog pores and cause acne. As for people with dry skin, moisturizer that contains olive oil, jojoba oil, or avocados can make skin look healthier nutrients enrich the skin. Moreover, jojoba oil has the advantage will not clog pores.
Enhance your skin protector Using a moisturizer is not enough. When you go out for a meeting, the skin can be exposed to sun…

Tips to stay young and fresh naturally

When we are getting old (above 30 years old), facial lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead will begins to appear. And when you look at a mirror, our facial skin seems no longer tight and smooth. Worry not, because we will tell you some tips to stay young, fresh and tighten your facial skin naturally:
Clean your face maximally
A clean face skin is able to absorb maximum nutrients. Clean your face with attention to details. First, wash the face with warm water and use a face wash soap according to your skin type. And If you just use makeup, use a face cleansing brush to clean the remains of the make-up and softly massage your face to help improve blood circulation on your face
Rinse your face and dry it with a clean towel. Apply a refresher to give maximum care and then continue with daily care such as using face serum and moisturizer. (Note: Don't forget to change your towels on a regular basis, because if used too long the fabric will become rough and more vulnerable to…

Tips to avoid getting bored with sex

When sex becomes routinely and become an obligation, it is very likely sex lost its magic, so you and your partner do it casually without passion. Even worse, when you're on stage "it doesn't really matter if you don't have sex"
You have to be alert because intimacy is important for your happiness and your partner. Couples who are happy would make the home atmosphere pleasant, and most importantly, the kids will be happy too.
How to avoid getting bored with sex
Chat When was the last time you talked with your spouse? Not just talk about the issue about leaking roof or the bathroom plumbing that must be replaced. Talk about your past honeymoon. Look into his / her eyes, share memories in the past that makes you so passionate about it.
Create a sex signal Each couple has their own communication style, especially when you're passionate about, whether through eye gaze, glance, or a smile, or a solicitation sentence only you two understand. Every time you feel pa…

Tips to overcome boredom at work

Most of the time while at work and at noon, your eyes will getting heavy, body feels weak, losing concentration, and feeling bored. These are the signs that your energy levels have began to decline and you feel lazy to do anything.
You don't need to worry because this is a normal situation. Each individual has a different boredom level, it depends on several factors that influence it such as age, the food you eat and your activity level. You can follow these tips to prevent and overcome boredom that comes in while you are working.
Do light exercise (push up, leg raise, etc) If by chance your boss was not in place, you could take a short time to do push ups, dips or even doing exercises using your seat. Don't do it too long though (10-15 reps is enough), after that your body will feel refreshed.
Eat fresh fruitInstead of choosing a sugary snack with high calories and fat to boost your energy, you better eating fresh fruit instead. The vitamins and minerals contained in it, as well …

How to have a perfect body while on vacation

Having a perfect body shape while on vacation to a tropical island (beach) is not just only a dream. Because you can make your dream come true by following the tips in this article.
These are body treatments and beauty products that must you do and used, before and while on the beach.
1. Clean the body from hair Don't forget to clean the hairs on the feet area, underarms, and bikini line area. Waxing can be the most powerful option for cleaning and prevent hair re-grows quickly and hygienically. The best time to do the waxing is after a shower, because the body will be damp conditions.
2. Disguise cellulite and tighten your buttocks Cellulite can often reduce our confidence. But you can imitate the Hollywood actress who can perform seamlessly on the beach by using a combined treatment scrub lipo sculpt organic and herbal masks. That way, the fat cells will shed, cellulite will disguised, and tightening our skin. You must do this in ​​the buttocks and thighs area.
3. Face Nutritio…

How to build a successful online store

Online business store becomes an attractive business opportunity in today's digital era. The online store seems to be one of the new business area for us because the capital cost is relatively not too big and you don't need to rent physical store with all the operational and maintenance costs.
For people who are new to online store business, it couldn't hurt to read these  tips & tricks from our online shopping experts.
Tips to build a successful online store
1. Having a good business intentions Many Online Store deliberately designed only to deceive consumers and stole their money. Seeing the condition of such online businesses, make sure your main intention is to capture the advantages of doing business and providing customer with satisfaction. Don't create an online store with the purpose of deception, because it will have a negative effect and you will have difficulties even more.
2. Attractive and easy to navigate website Display attractive website with easy …

Tips to increase employee productivity

Business owner always want to succeed and make a huge profit, but in order to do that you need to establish reliable employees with high productivity.
Some big companies created a comfortable work office with a nice park, building a playground or rest area that make employee feels at home. But some business may not be able to provide these things because they don't have the budget to redesign the complete structure of the office building.
Fortunately there are other methods that can be done to make your staff happy and improve their productivity by following these tips and tricks below.
1. Provide good office supplies Provides good office equipment & facilities to help employees get the job done. This will lighten the workload of your employees and help prevent the stress caused by a bad equipment.
2. Do team building activity Performing a team building activity is not something that hard to do; and there are many service companies that will be able to organize team building …

Tips to write a business email & memo

Writing a good business email has an important role in the communication process between one company to another. Unfortunately many people don't know how to write a good business emails or memo. There are two possibilities that can happen normally, the email content is too short and tight or too long and convoluted. 
Business correspondence will be warmer and remain professional if your business email organized better. Email that has the right length and minimal misspellings give a positive impression to the company's image in the eyes of outsiders.
No matter the topic of the email you write, whether it resumes or requests to meet new clients, the most important thing in writing a business email is how to keep it simple, straightforward and gives the impression of a warm and friendly welcome. All of that will make your e-mail / memo have a higher chance to be read and replied by the recipient. In order to that you can follow these tips tricks below.
Tips to write a good busin…

How to make customers come back again

If you are the owner of retail stores or a department stores that have a lot of competitors it is natural that you provide special services to the (potential) customers. Because poor service can make customers cancel their spending plans if they receives less favorable treatment from the owner or sales clerk of the store / boutique.
The best way to provide a great shopping experience for customers is to hire and train staff who are able to dig up information on the trends and changing customer knowledge into services tailored to customer needs. Remember, based on research, an average of four out of five people will convey pleasant shopping experience to three of their friends.
For those of you who are pioneering the world of business and want to know how to make customers come back again to your store, you can follow these tips trick below.
Tips to make customers come back again
1. Make an attractive store design with fun atmosphere. Consistently provide quality goods, and make custo…

Tips to look photogenic and beautiful on photo

Want to look photogenic and beautiful when being photographed? If the answer is yes, then you must read and follow this important tips so you can have beautiful photo result that you always want.
Good and firm body language Keep your posture when sitting, standing, walking, and speech. It supports your body language while posing in front of the camera. Movement will look graceful, elegant, and not stiff, making it easier for directional style and photographers to produce good photo.
Expression and focused eye When being photographed, do expressive eyes when you looked at the camera lens. Eyes that look empty will give the impression of lifeless. Try talking with your mind and your heart. Practise expressions in the mirror as it will greatly help train your overall expressions.
Matching appearance Avoid being photographed with a dress that makes you look fatter or look shorter. Seek references from fashion magazines or television shows to know how to dress and pose that appropriate wi…

How to ask for a pay raise, salary increase or increase in wages

You want to get paid more money from your job? If the answer is yes, than you have to know how to ask for a pay raise. Despite working a few years, a lot of people still failed to ask for a raise. That usually happens when we are facing the boss (employer) in an emotional state, lack of preparation and information. That combination will always make the negotiations failed and ended in frustration. But don't you worry, Tips & Tricks will give you tips to successfully ask for a raise.
Here are some things to consider before negotiating a raise with your boss.
Gather as much information about the conditions of your company This information includes, how the current financial condition of the company and whether the company is able to raise the salaries of their employee. If possible, you can also seek for the percentage of the wage increase.
You could do a small survey to get more information or even talk to someone in human resources. Additionally, research how you are rated by…

How to get funds before starting a business

When thinking to create a business, we need to consider the idea of business, business scale, competition, market demand, manpower, and the most important thing is the availability of venture capital and its source. The capital /  funding is the foundation we that will be built.
But keep in mind capital aren't just money or assets, but could also be in the form of knowledge towards these efforts, experience, courage, as well as networking. But most aspiring entrepreneurs usually meet obstacles in getting capital in the form of money or assets.
Therefore, the question is how to obtain venture capital to start the business scale of micro, small and medium enterprises.

There are some alternatives that can be used to obtain funds for starting a business, such as:
1. Own funds
You can obtain the venture capital by using your own funds. For example, by using existing savings deposit that you saved so far. If that's not enough, then you can also cover the shortage of funds is by sel…

How to get a slim waist and flat stomach

Having a slim waist and flat stomach will make your confidence high and make you looks  attractive. You can do these easy tips to get a slim waist and flat stomach.
1. Perform crunches 50 times per day. Do it with properly by lie in on the floor with your legs straight and hands on the side. Then, bend knees about 90 degrees with your feet stay on the floor. Lift your shoulders up until your abdominal muscles stretch, but remember to keep your butt stay on the floor.
2. Adjust your eating patterns. Choose complex carbohydrates (brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, corn) rather than simple carbohydrates (white rice, bread, instant noodles, chicken porridge). Tips Tricks recommend that you don't eat dinner after 6 pm so your digestive system has a chance to digest the food longer.
3. Don't forget to consume vegetables and fruits in your daily diet so your body gets enough fiber, vitamins, and enzymes.
4. Avoid eating avocado, pickles, cheese, and legumes. Because these foods wi…

Why we need financial planning

Financial planning is especially needed right now because of the growth of consumerist lifestyle, rising inflation that makes the necessities of life in the future more expensive, number of investment products offered, and and the more conscious people to prosper.
These are some of the reasons why we need a financial planning:
1. To protect ourselves and our families from financial risk
In our life cycle, there are times of rise and fall, and can not be denied regardless of the circumstances of our lives, no doubt it's related to money. The ups and downs of the financial situation we can still overcome with the help of a professional. Some of the important problems and emergencies related to finance, for example: job loss, illness, accidents which cause death and disability, the head of the family as a source of income.

2. To pay off debt
It's very good if we already have investment, like investment on the stock market, property, business or collectable items. But there are s…

How to deliver a compelling presentation

Delivering a good presentation is indispensable in the business world and must be mastered if you want to be successful. Speaking in the front of people is an opportunity for you to explain the concept of your bussiness, quality of products and services or to build the brand awarreness.
However public speaking for many people is a fear factor, but wait, you don't have to be worry because Tips and Tricks will give you tips to deliver compelling presentation.
1. Breathing exercises
Adjust breath properly and make sure you know when to take a breathe while speaking so the conversation won't interrupted.
2. Practice presentation with people you know
Practice will give you confidence, you can practicing in front of a bunch of people you know such as family members or friends with a minimum of 3 people. After doing a presentation in front of them, ask them about the plus and minus of your presentation, after that you should try to fixed your mistakes.

3. Get to know the situation
Know the …

How to eliminate panda eyes

Having a beautiful eyes is a dream for most of the people, but some people often have problems with dark circle around their eyes (panda eyes) or having under eye bags even though they have enough sleep and rest. Fontunately, eliminating panda eyes and under eye bags on your face is really not that difficult, you can follow these tips to eliminate panda eyes.
How to eliminate panda eyes : 1. Stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke Toxins in cigarette triggers an increase in the enzyme "matrix metalloproteinase" that cause skin thinning and loss of elasticity, that causes the skin to become wrinkled. Smoking also causes reduced blood flow (ischemia) resulting a lack of oxygen and nutrients the skin that will make your eye bags dark and your skin tone became dull. Cigarette smoke also leave accumulation of toxic substances in the skin layer, and if this lasted in long period your skin will look grayish and always feels dry.
2. Don't forget to use sunblock Avoid direct sun …

Gain weight in a healthy way

Many of us are experiencing problems to gain weight in a healty way. Weight can be gained by increasing muscle mass, not body fat. Most people are mistaken that with increasing weight means increasing the amount of fat. In addition to doing it the wrong way, the way is also unhealthy because fat increases means we consume more energy than we need for our activities.
Usually after people tried for months to gain weight by eating as much as possible, doing fitness exercise intensely but they still not produce enough weight gain. Many people were left stranded by saying that they are genetically thin body or is fate. But if the 2-3 week program that you do not yet have results, there must be something wrong.
Tips to gain weight in a healthy way :
1. Eat 5-6x a day with moderate portions and reduce eating junk food because its only adds unhealthy fats to your body and can also slow down your metabolism that will eventually make the body could not work in a healthy manner.
2. Always eat carbs …

How to get free from debt

Having debts is now a lifestyle and also a problem for most of the people, let's see some tips that we can do to make us free from debt immediately:
1. Be honest to yourself
Many people have living expenses exceed their income, they earn $1,000 but living with $3,000 life style cost. So don't be surprised if you had minus cash flow each month covered by the credit card debt, Indebted to loan shark, and various other debts.
Maybe we could fool people with our appearance, clothes, cars and gadgets we use, but only ourselves who know the real condition of our finances.

2. Have financial goals
Don't let the retirement funds that you saved is less than the mortgage debt owned by mortgage debt owned. And the parents who spend more money to spend rather than invest their children's education fund.
3. Check-owned assets
Apparently there are many people who have the assets to repay the debt, but choose not to settle it. Just imagine if we have cash in savings of $5,000, but ha…

How to ease flu and cold symptoms

Influenza or common cold can quickly infect the body unexpectedly. It occurs when the immune body system is declining, sleep deprivation, not eating regularly, eat foods with lack nutritious, and drinking less water.
Therefore, to cope with Flu you must boost / enhance your immunity so the body wiil be able to fight the virus and relieve cold and flu symptoms that make you not comfortable.
Tips to ease flu and cold symptoms:
Take adequate rest If you are busy working or doing activities that you like,  very often people will forget to rest and stayed up late every night even though they had to get up early the next day. But when your body experience flu and cold symptoms such as sore throat, fever and runny nose, then you have to take a long rest (sleeping). If possible, you could ask permission so you don't have to go to work / school. And even if you aren't sleeping, just laying down and relax will surely help to ease or relieve the pain caused by flu.
Drink plenty of water …