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How to fix BlackBerry Email Problems that can't send and receive

Your Blackberry could have many problems, one of them is related to email. For example you can't send and receiving email, or can't create new e-mail address, cannot get into Email Accounts setting and other various problems.
In many cases that problems can be fixed by doing a simple soft reset (pressing Alt + aA + del), hardreset (by pulling the battery) or resetting your email settings. Buf if that's not worked, you could do the step below to fix your BlackBerry Mail.
Delete and Resend Service Book
Go to Device > Advanced System Settings > Service Book menuSelect Service Book that had suffix name [CMIME], click the menu button and select Delete.Go to Setup > Email Accounts > Internet Mail Account, select Service Books and click Send Service Books.The final step is to "Register HRT" by navigating menu to Options -> Device -> Advanced System Settings -> Host Routing Table, press the menu key and select Register Now.
If that's solution can …