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How to ease flu and cold symptoms

Influenza or common cold can quickly infect the body unexpectedly. It occurs when the immune body system is declining, sleep deprivation, not eating regularly, eat foods with lack nutritious, and drinking less water.
Therefore, to cope with Flu you must boost / enhance your immunity so the body wiil be able to fight the virus and relieve cold and flu symptoms that make you not comfortable.
Tips to ease flu and cold symptoms:
Take adequate rest If you are busy working or doing activities that you like,  very often people will forget to rest and stayed up late every night even though they had to get up early the next day. But when your body experience flu and cold symptoms such as sore throat, fever and runny nose, then you have to take a long rest (sleeping). If possible, you could ask permission so you don't have to go to work / school. And even if you aren't sleeping, just laying down and relax will surely help to ease or relieve the pain caused by flu.
Drink plenty of water …