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How to get free from debt

Having debts is now a lifestyle and also a problem for most of the people, let's see some tips that we can do to make us free from debt immediately:
1. Be honest to yourself
Many people have living expenses exceed their income, they earn $1,000 but living with $3,000 life style cost. So don't be surprised if you had minus cash flow each month covered by the credit card debt, Indebted to loan shark, and various other debts.
Maybe we could fool people with our appearance, clothes, cars and gadgets we use, but only ourselves who know the real condition of our finances.

2. Have financial goals
Don't let the retirement funds that you saved is less than the mortgage debt owned by mortgage debt owned. And the parents who spend more money to spend rather than invest their children's education fund.
3. Check-owned assets
Apparently there are many people who have the assets to repay the debt, but choose not to settle it. Just imagine if we have cash in savings of $5,000, but ha…