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Tips to write a business email & memo

Writing a good business email has an important role in the communication process between one company to another. Unfortunately many people don't know how to write a good business emails or memo. There are two possibilities that can happen normally, the email content is too short and tight or too long and convoluted. 
Business correspondence will be warmer and remain professional if your business email organized better. Email that has the right length and minimal misspellings give a positive impression to the company's image in the eyes of outsiders.
No matter the topic of the email you write, whether it resumes or requests to meet new clients, the most important thing in writing a business email is how to keep it simple, straightforward and gives the impression of a warm and friendly welcome. All of that will make your e-mail / memo have a higher chance to be read and replied by the recipient. In order to that you can follow these tips tricks below.
Tips to write a good busin…

How to make customers come back again

If you are the owner of retail stores or a department stores that have a lot of competitors it is natural that you provide special services to the (potential) customers. Because poor service can make customers cancel their spending plans if they receives less favorable treatment from the owner or sales clerk of the store / boutique.
The best way to provide a great shopping experience for customers is to hire and train staff who are able to dig up information on the trends and changing customer knowledge into services tailored to customer needs. Remember, based on research, an average of four out of five people will convey pleasant shopping experience to three of their friends.
For those of you who are pioneering the world of business and want to know how to make customers come back again to your store, you can follow these tips trick below.
Tips to make customers come back again
1. Make an attractive store design with fun atmosphere. Consistently provide quality goods, and make custo…

Tips to look photogenic and beautiful on photo

Want to look photogenic and beautiful when being photographed? If the answer is yes, then you must read and follow this important tips so you can have beautiful photo result that you always want.
Good and firm body language Keep your posture when sitting, standing, walking, and speech. It supports your body language while posing in front of the camera. Movement will look graceful, elegant, and not stiff, making it easier for directional style and photographers to produce good photo.
Expression and focused eye When being photographed, do expressive eyes when you looked at the camera lens. Eyes that look empty will give the impression of lifeless. Try talking with your mind and your heart. Practise expressions in the mirror as it will greatly help train your overall expressions.
Matching appearance Avoid being photographed with a dress that makes you look fatter or look shorter. Seek references from fashion magazines or television shows to know how to dress and pose that appropriate wi…