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Tips to look photogenic and beautiful on photo

Want to look photogenic and beautiful when being photographed? If the answer is yes, then you must read and follow this important tips so you can have beautiful photo result that you always want.

Good and firm body language

Keep your posture when sitting, standing, walking, and speech. It supports your body language while posing in front of the camera. Movement will look graceful, elegant, and not stiff, making it easier for directional style and photographers to produce good photo.

Expression and focused eye

When being photographed, do expressive eyes when you looked at the camera lens. Eyes that look empty will give the impression of lifeless. Try talking with your mind and your heart. Practise expressions in the mirror as it will greatly help train your overall expressions.

Matching appearance

Avoid being photographed with a dress that makes you look fatter or look shorter. Seek references from fashion magazines or television shows to know how to dress and pose that appropriate with your style.

Be confident

Believe that all the weaknesses and strengths of each individual is a gift. This is what makes a person unique and interesting. Without that belief, a photo won't give a maximum result.

Find your good Face Angle

tips to look photogenic
The left and right side of your faces are different, therefore it takes the right angle to get the most attractive face. It will usually obtained after frequently tried several photos. For example, for people who have a broad forehead forms, can be tricked by lifting the chin a little higher.

Do not rely on Photoshop edit

Although digital imaging technology can help you enhance the quality of your photos, makeup should still be done manually to give maximum result. Make sure you apply makeup that smooth andis subtle and evenly.

Keep your skin fresh

Facial skin that looks fresh and well maintained is suitable to be photographed. If the shooting will take place tomorrow, avoid staying up late, because it can lead to oily skin and dull skin. To solve this problem wash your face with cold water in the morning as it will help awaken the skin and shrink pores. After that, use a facial moisturizer.

Use appropriate makeup

For shooting outdoors you should use minimalist makeup, use a foundation that is waterproof and pastel eye shadow colors. For shooting in door, adjust to the room conditions. If you have normal skin, no need to use foundation to produce a fresh and flawless makeup.

Use the right makeup products

Choose a liquid foundation that is easy to apply and can be easily flattened with a sponge. In order for the makeup on the photo result doesn't look fake like a mask, you must use a foundation with darker color level than the color of your skin.

Cooperate with the photographer, makeup artist, and style director

Communicate with the photographer, makeup artist, and style director about photo concept that will be done. This will create good atmosphere and a good mood between you and the team.


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