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How to make customers come back again

If you are the owner of retail stores or a department stores that have a lot of competitors it is natural that you provide special services to the (potential) customers. Because poor service can make customers cancel their spending plans if they receives less favorable treatment from the owner or sales clerk of the store / boutique.

The best way to provide a great shopping experience for customers is to hire and train staff who are able to dig up information on the trends and changing customer knowledge into services tailored to customer needs. Remember, based on research, an average of four out of five people will convey pleasant shopping experience to three of their friends.

For those of you who are pioneering the world of business and want to know how to make customers come back again to your store, you can follow these tips trick below.

Tips to make customers come back again

1. Make an attractive store design with fun atmosphere. Consistently provide quality goods, and make customers feel they are taken care by providing the best quality goods.

2. Remember, the (potential) customer is king. Always behave politely, pay attention to what the customer desire or wanted. Then show a willingness to help, and listen to their questions.

make customers come back again
3. Patiently explain and give customers advice on the items to be purchased, such as a quality brand. Help customers to find the items they are looking for, by checking whether the stocks are still available.

4. If you are remember a buyer who has been come back to your shop, greet him with friendly. Ask, for example, how the the item that she/he had bought? Ask him his name, and call their name every time you talk with them. Customers will be pleased if the owner of the store remember them, especially their name.

5. Don't follow beside the shoppers and looking their appeareance from top to bottom. Ask your employees not to do it because it's not polite and make your customer uncomfortable. In addition, ask the clerk to not joke around with the shopkeeper next door who are also idle.

6. Don't get stuck with customer inquiries, and avoid giving negative feedback. Customers can cancel the purchase if the shopkeeper gives a negative answer when asked which model is better for the customer.

Avoid using sentences like this "The gold is not suitable for you, because you have brown skin color." It would be better if you say, "That silver looks sweet for you."

7. If the queue of buyers is long enough, you could try to make the payment process faster. For example, receives payment from the buyers who are currently in the queue, that to bring the exact amount of total purchases.

8. If you or your employee is required to greet visitors, do so while looking into her eyes. Do not let employees yelling at someone who was passing, but his eyes were darting in the other direction. Visitors will know the greeting is totally insincere.

9. When a visitor asks for something that is not available in your store, convey your regret and note the tone of your voice by saying, "Sorry, Ma'am, we don't supply the goods. Maybe there are others who want to look?"

10. If visitors are not buying the goods, don't immediately leave the customers like they are worthless. Say thank you for visiting, and wait until they leave.


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