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Why we need financial planning

Financial planning is especially needed right now because of the growth of consumerist lifestyle, rising inflation that makes the necessities of life in the future more expensive, number of investment products offered, and and the more conscious people to prosper.
These are some of the reasons why we need a financial planning:
1. To protect ourselves and our families from financial risk
In our life cycle, there are times of rise and fall, and can not be denied regardless of the circumstances of our lives, no doubt it's related to money. The ups and downs of the financial situation we can still overcome with the help of a professional. Some of the important problems and emergencies related to finance, for example: job loss, illness, accidents which cause death and disability, the head of the family as a source of income.

2. To pay off debt
It's very good if we already have investment, like investment on the stock market, property, business or collectable items. But there are s…