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How to eliminate panda eyes

Having a beautiful eyes is a dream for most of the people, but some people often have problems with dark circle around their eyes (panda eyes) or having under eye bags even though they have enough sleep and rest. Fontunately, eliminating panda eyes and under eye bags on your face is really not that difficult, you can follow these tips to eliminate panda eyes.

How to eliminate panda eyes :

1. Stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke

Toxins in cigarette triggers an increase in the enzyme "matrix metalloproteinase" that cause skin thinning and loss of elasticity, that causes the skin to become wrinkled. Smoking also causes reduced blood flow (ischemia) resulting a lack of oxygen and nutrients the skin that will make your eye bags dark and your skin tone became dull. Cigarette smoke also leave accumulation of toxic substances in the skin layer, and if this lasted in long period your skin will look grayish and always feels dry.

2. Don't forget to use sunblock

Avoid direct sun ray at 11:00 to 14:00, because the sun radiation could damage skin collagen and the elasticity of the thin skin around eyes. Use sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 on the face to the area under the eyes every morning before starting a day to keep facial skin protected. Tips Tricks recommended using a sunscreen that specially formulated and safe for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

3. Use sunglasses

eliminate panda eyes
When you are outdoor and under the blistering sun, your eyes will be forced to stare directly at the sun that contain risky ultraviolet radiation A and B. Therefore, in order to protect the skin around your eyes from the sun you must wear a sunglasses (with dark colors).

4. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcoholic beverages with high concentration are enemies for your organs. Excessive and regular alcohol consumption will cause fluid retention in the kidneys and liver, which consequently leads to dilation and enlargement of blood vessels. When this happens,  not only it will caused damaged organs, but your dark eye bags will also appear. In this case, the black circle that occurred is an indication that the performance of the organs being 'disturbed'. That's why most alcoholics often complained about the appearance of dark eye circles (panda eyes).

5. Recognize allergic symptoms

If you have allergic shinner (characterized by a darkening of eye bags and swelling underneath the eyes) that caused by the result of congestion in the sinuses which slightly affects blood flow. The causes include are dust, extreme weather changes, particular chemical, and particular food. Perform an allergy test, and avoid the factors that provoke allergic responses. Consult to your doctor about the proper multivitamins and supplements intake to increase your body  immune system.


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