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Gain weight in a healthy way

Many of us are experiencing problems to gain weight in a healty way. Weight can be gained by increasing muscle mass, not body fat. Most people are mistaken that with increasing weight means increasing the amount of fat. In addition to doing it the wrong way, the way is also unhealthy because fat increases means we consume more energy than we need for our activities.

Usually after people tried for months to gain weight by eating as much as possible, doing fitness exercise intensely but they still not produce enough weight gain. Many people were left stranded by saying that they are genetically thin body or is fate. But if the 2-3 week program that you do not yet have results, there must be something wrong.

Tips to gain weight in a healthy way :

1. Eat 5-6x a day with moderate portions and reduce eating junk food because its only adds unhealthy fats to your body and can also slow down your metabolism that will eventually make the body could not work in a healthy manner.

2. Always eat carbs and protein after exercise. It is very important to replace muscle glycogen or sugar that depleted when we exercise. And protein needed by the muscles that we just 'broken' with strenuous exercise.

3. Eating real food (not supplements) MAX 1 hour after exercise.
how to gain weight healthy way

4. Take a multivitamin (this is a must for those who want add weight, because vitamin B, especially, is very helpful to digest the nutrients we eat. Would be useless to eat a lot of food but our bodies can not digest it well).

5. Don't do weight training more than 1 hour and reduce your cardio exercise. You still need calories to build your muscles and by training more than 1 hour will waste your calories.

6. Don't train the same muscle group more than 2 times a week

7. Do 9-12 sets per muscle per session. Don't train the chest muscles with all the equipment in the gym with the assumption that more are better. You only need to use 3-4 equipments each with 3-4 sets (Use basic compound movement, but not isolation movement).

8. 6-8 reps until failure is a must.

9. Use negative reps. After failure, ask friend / spotter to help you lift weight. Vary the negative reps for 2-3 weeks.

10. Use high intensity training for weight training. Which means, short breaks between sets, about 1.5 - 2 minutes. And lift weights as heavy as possible. Example: for people with height around 160-165 cm, use minimal weight with 25-30 kg combined bench press. If you have not been able to do it, slowly raise the weight each week until you are able to lift it up and ask for help if you need a friend.


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