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How to have a perfect body while on vacation

Having a perfect body shape while on vacation to a tropical island (beach) is not just only a dream. Because you can make your dream come true by following the tips in this article.

These are body treatments and beauty products that must you do and used, before and while on the beach.

1. Clean the body from hair

Don't forget to clean the hairs on the feet area, underarms, and bikini line area. Waxing can be the most powerful option for cleaning and prevent hair re-grows quickly and hygienically. The best time to do the waxing is after a shower, because the body will be damp conditions.

2. Disguise cellulite and tighten your buttocks

Cellulite can often reduce our confidence. But you can imitate the Hollywood actress who can perform seamlessly on the beach by using a combined treatment scrub lipo sculpt organic and herbal masks. That way, the fat cells will shed, cellulite will disguised, and tightening our skin. You must do this in ​​the buttocks and thighs area.

3. Face Nutrition

In order to protect your face from sunlight and the hot air, you can do ozone therapy that can increase the oxygen level in your skin. This therapy can also clean out the bacteria that attach in our face. As a result, not only the face brighter and cleaner, but it was in excellent condition when it has to deal with ultraviolet light.

4. Manicure-pedicure is required

Clean your toenails and hands before going on holiday with a manicure and pedicure. Avoid using smearing colored nail polish, because if the nail polish chipped, your nails will look dirty and untidy. Make sure to cut the nail to maximum length of 30 mm.

5. Protect your body and face from ultraviolet

tips to have perfect body
Give extra protection for your face and body skin from sun exposure. Because solar radiation from 11:00 to 14:00 may damage the collagen and elasticity of the skin function. Use sunblock with SPF 50 on the face and whole body evenly. And when your body became wet after swimming, you must apply it again to make your skin always protected. 

The hair also prone to damage while on the beach in a period of time. Apply a leave in conditioner to provide protection to your hair against ultraviolet rays, salt water, and chlorine in the swimming pool.

6. Having a scented body throughout the day

The hot air will make the body sweat. Be careful, don't make your body odor reduce the value of your beauty between the rows of women who relax under parasols. But remember don't sprays a perfume when you're sweating, because it only makes your body  stink. You can prevent odor by spraying deodorant spray after having a shower in the morning, or just before you start the activity.

7. Keep your lips remain sensual

Hot tropical air will easily increase the evaporation of water content in the body. In addition to drink 8 glasses of water to prevent dehydration, keeping the health of the skin of the lips so as not to chapped even peel. Apply a lip balm that contains White Petrolatum USP maintained to damp skin of the lips. Immediately repeat the basting, if the lips start to feel dry.

8. Your eyes also need a vacation

While on vacation, makeup should be thin and not excessive. Switch to waterproof makeup to make the makeup does not fade when swimming or sweating when walking down the gift shop. In addition to eye shadow and blush, make sure the mascara is not only used to make eyelashes thick and tapering, but also water resistant.

9. Refresh your face

Sweltering sunlight sometimes make our face felt hot, and there is a push to immediately wash it off. This isn't a good decision because when the skin temperature raised due to the hot sun and sweat, pores were wide open and easily clogged when washed in water. Wait a while until the body temperature returned to normal and the skin pores are in a normal condition.

After that you can wash your face, start it by washing your hands first so dirt, germs, and other substances that stick in hand does not move to the face. And when the skin feels dry and tired, used a towel to clean it first, then use face spray that contains minerals.

10. After sunbathing

When the body is under the sun exposure more than 4 hours, as soon as you got home you must immediately apply after sun lotion. After sun lotion is essential to cool the sunburn and provide a comfort in sensitive areas. You can use after sun lotion that contains aloe vera extract with nutritious vitamins to stimulate skin cell regeneration and prevent it from excessive exfoliation.


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