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Tips to increase employee productivity

Business owner always want to succeed and make a huge profit, but in order to do that you need to establish reliable employees with high productivity.

Some big companies created a comfortable work office with a nice park, building a playground or rest area that make employee feels at home. But some business may not be able to provide these things because they don't have the budget to redesign the complete structure of the office building.

Fortunately there are other methods that can be done to make your staff happy and improve their productivity by following these tips and tricks below.

1. Provide good office supplies

Provides good office equipment & facilities to help employees get the job done. This will lighten the workload of your employees and help prevent the stress caused by a bad equipment.

2. Do team building activity

increase employee productivity
Performing a team building activity is not something that hard to do; and there are many service companies that will be able to organize team building activities especially if you live and work in rural area. The purposes in doing activities together in a team building session will help employess confident and feel comfortable around each other and help increase employee productivity.

3. Make them comfortable

It may sound cliche, but every little effort you do to ensure your staff feel comfortable is really important to increase employee productivity. For example if your employees travel frequently for an assignment, try to give them a business class for a long flight.

4. Say thank you

Never hesitate to say thank you. If they can reach or exceed their target in one month do not hesitate to send an email with a thank you for all their hard work. Your employees will feel appreciated and it makes them feel good.

5. Educate your employees

The best efforts that increase employee productivity is to invest in them. Send them to seminars, courses and training that will develop their skills. Let them try a new project or idea.

6. Celebrate the birthday of your employee

When your employee celebrating their birthday, marriage, or a child born, you can give them a box of chocolates or small cakes to their table at lunch time. Or you can even give your employees a half day off on their birthday. This surely will make your employees feel valued and feel like an important part of your business.


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